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Tech Page One

Crime, punishment and the big data revolution

aNewDomain.net — For years, data analysts and researchers have relied on causality to explain why variables relate to each other in a particular way. But in the world of big data, correlation is king....

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Tech Page One

Bitcoin 2013: The Future of Payments

anewdomain.net—The first-annual Bitcoin 2013 conference kicks off this weekend, May 17–19 in San Jose, Calif. This will be the first major U.S. summit entirely focused on Bitcoin and its growing impac...

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Tech Page One

Distraction-free writing apps boost productivity

anewdomain.net – The key to productivity is razor-sharp focus. But concentration isn’t always easy, especially when the task at hand involves writing. Faced with a barrage of incoming emails, Twitter ...

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Tech Page One

How to deal with trolls

How to spot a troll
aNewDomain.net – Trolls are among the most common instigators of online conflict. But it’s not always easy for community managers to differentiate between a troll and a valued part...

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Pikinis App for iOS: Lets People Rate Your Facebook Swimsuit Photos (commentary)

anewdomain.net — Facebook announced its zero-tolerance policy on hate speech against women this week. What better time for a development firm named Six4Three to launch its all-new Pikinis app for iOS?...

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Tech Page One

What Social Entrepreneurship Is (and Isn't) - Tech Page One

Can social entrepreneurship solve our greatest societal problems?

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Tech Page One

Adobe gets creative with hardware

aNewDomain— Adobe has been a leader in creative software innovation for some time. At Adobe MAX 2013, it unveiled an exciting new direction: Adobe hardware.
Image credit:Adobe
The Project Mighty stylu...